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Yale Half Price Tuition

 Thanks to a new tuition policy at Yale, prospective students will be indebted to the institution--but this time with gratitude. The Bulldogs have joined Harvard in the effort to make higher education more affordable. Under a new plan which takes effect this fall, families with financial needs could qualify for a 50 percent reduction in tuition. Even middle- and upper-class families with incomes of $120,000 to $200,000 may experience a 33 percent decrease in the $45,000 yearly fees. Students from homes that earn less than $60,000 may enroll tuition-free, provided that they meet the academic requirements. Together with Harvard, which also agreed to eliminate student loans, Yale is answering Congress's call for institutions with strong endowments to "do more to ease the financial burden on families."

Harvard Boosts Financial Aid

Families earning well into six figures will see the cost of a Harvard education reduced by thousands of dollars per year under a major financial aid initiative announced Monday that is bound to draw attention far beyond the school's ivy-covered walls.



Who: U.S. students age 13 through grade 12 are eligible to compete for national recognition. Anyone else may enter our Open Competition. More about eligibility...

When: The 2007 West Point Bridge Design Contest will begin on January 3, 2007. More about the schedule...

Prizes: There are no prizes for the national contest this year. Nonetheless, all contestants will experience the existential pleasures of engineering, and the top 10 teams in each zone will receive a handsome certificate signed by the Contest Director.

For more information, including the official contest rules, see the contest website at
The U.S. Military Academy provides this contest as a service to education-- and as a tribute to the Academy's two hundred years of service to the United States of America.