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College or Career Pathway?

Is your home education program preparing your child for the world of work? Or, are you just trying to get through the basics? If you are not aware of the recent changes that have taken place in the public institutions to help students find their passion, focus on a career pathway and gain skills to enter the workplace, you are missing out on some valuable information. HEF has done extensive research over the summer in this area, using a power point presentation to explain this complicated but exciting new direction in education. Learn how to navigate the new career and technical pathways so you can incorporate these valuable opportunities into your home education program. HEF is making this power point available to you for only $10.

Florida Career Pathways Download

 *** these are pdf files*** If the download removes .pdf at the end of the file name, add it to the file name or choose to open with acrobat reader

Florida Career Pathways - Polk County Download